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[Q&A] Korean wedding society: perform brides provide a lot of money having grooms?

[Q&A] Korean wedding society: perform brides provide a lot of money having grooms?

Did you ever see a good Korean fiance who’d to pay money she did not have to groom’s members of the family?

Could i know if Asians otherwise non-native wed an excellent Korean people, manage they have to stick to the heritage as well? Imagine if the latest bride’s family unit members record are financially less than the brand new groom? How could this new bridegroom household members end up being reacting about this? Can they however score ily service? 🙁

Well, if you fail to afford this husband, either you must look for a less costly you to, otherwise await this to go on selling (you should buy better prices immediately following they have been thirty-five).

I guess you’re speaking of dowry. Usually, Korean wedding receptions got specialized gifting program. By tricky What i’m saying is it generated my personal lead spin when Kimchi Guy made an effort to describe they. There had been the new merchandise given to close group of the new bridegroom, gifts towards the fiance, gift suggestions for bride’s family relations, gift ideas on the bride’s nearest and dearest on the groom’s family relations, merchandise out-of as well as drink within family, and you may gift ideas you to went back and forth between the family members, updating on each solution.

The fresh new region you are searching for, the fresh new merchandise provided by bride’s friends with the groom and his awesome household members, have been called ‘yedan’ (??) for the Korean.